A security screen looks like a regular screen but is highly resistant to intrusion! CrimeGuard Security Screens turn your home’s entrances into security windows and doors, respectively. This means that once the security screens are installed, your home will be protected against intruders, burglary and fire, meeting all of your window and door security needs. Security screens are your most secure and "cost effective" solution. An additional benefit to the protection of the security screens is the effect they will have on your energy bill. Security windows and doors are not only repellents of outside danger, but of excess heat retention as well, cooling your home, and in effect, reducing your air conditioning use. Crime Guard security screens also act like a barrier for insects, as well as filtering dust, dirt and pollen.

Welcome To CrimeGuard

With CrimeGuard Home Security Screens and Doors security products installed on your home, you can rest assured that you have one of the finest security products on the market today. All of our patented features and components have passed the most rigorous tests and evaluations in the world. The design features incorporated in our products allow them to be operated with ease while withstanding the most violent of attacks. Sleep soundly tonight, schedule your free home estimate today and start protecting what matters.